This guide gives a step by step overview on how to add Sequent to an existing Rails application.


  • Postgresql database. Sequent only supports Postgres databases. There is no particular reason for this other then we haven’t had the need or time to support any other databases.

Guide assumptions

You are already familiar with Ruby on Rails and the core Concepts of Sequent.

  1. Add gem 'sequent', git: '' to your Gemfile

  2. Run bundle install

  3. Copy the sequent_schema.rb file from and put it in your ./db directory.

  4. Create ./db/sequent_migrations.rb. This will contain your view_schema migrations.

     class SequentMigrations < Sequent::Migrations::Projectors
       def self.version
       def self.versions
           '1' => [
             # List of migrations for version 1

    For a complete overview on how Migrations work in Sequent checkout the Migrations Guide

  5. Add the following snippet to your Rakefile

     # Sequent requires a `RACK_ENV` environment to be set
     # next to a `RAILS_ENV` 
     ENV['RACK_ENV'] = ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'development'
     require 'sequent/rake/migration_tasks'
     require_relative 'config/initializers/sequent'!
     task "sequent:migrate:init" => [:sequent_db_connect]
     task "sequent_db_connect" do
  6. Ensure your database.yml contains the schema_search_path:

       schema_search_path: "public, sequent_schema, view_schema"

    It is important that public comes first. The first schema is used by Rails ActiveRecord and will therefor contain all your non event sourced tables.

  7. Add ./config/initializers/sequent.rb containing at least:

     require_relative '../../db/sequent_migrations'
     Sequent.configure do |config|
       config.migrations_class_name = 'SequentMigrations'
       config.command_handlers = [
         # add you Sequent::CommandHandler's here
       config.event_handlers = [
         # add you Sequent::Projector's or Sequent::Workflows's here
       config.database_config_directory = 'config'
       # this is the location of your sql files for your view_schema
       config.migration_sql_files_directory = 'db/sequent'
  8. Run the following commands to create the sequent_schema and view_schema

     bundle exec rake sequent:db:create_event_store
     bundle exec rake sequent:db:create_view_schema
     # only run this when you add or change projectors in SequentMigrations
     bundle exec rake sequent:migrate:online
     bundle exec rake sequent:migrate:offline    
  9. rails s

Please checkout the Rails & Sequent example app in our sequent-examples Github repository.